develops software to allow companies and public communities in the industrial and service sectors, to improve the energy performance of their buildings and datacenters.

Our solutions allow to record and analyse the consumptions to help you reduce your energy cost and your CO2 emissions.

With years of experience in the sectors of industry, building and telecommunication, Inneasoft proposes :

  • A range of software allying performance and frendliness.
  • Advices to find solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Development of specific modules that truly reflects your expectations.
  • Technical assistance for the installation of its software.
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  AREE Building: Identify your energy consumption

AREE Building *

Energy saving is a must more than ever before. Inneasoft is committed to providing you with solutions to better control your consumptions.

* AREE Building previously known as INNERGY


AREE Datacenter

AREE Datacenter

Energy efficiency has become a vital part of Datacenters. Most of Datacenters consume too much energy, causing significant cost due to the increase in price of electricity.




Our range of BACnet products includes all the tools needed to use and control all the devices of your BACnet/IP network.

Our services

Integrating our solutionsIntegrating our solutions

Inneasoft supports and trains you in the implementation of our solutions in your architecture.


Development of new projectsDevelopment of new projects

Inneasoft proposes to put its experience at your service in order to develop or support you in your projects.

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January 2013 The solution Innergy evolves to meet datacenters and computer rooms needs. On this occasion Innergy changes its name to become AREE (Automatic Reporting for Energy Efficiency).

January 1, 2013
AREE new features:

- Cost management
- Energy Conservation Measures
- Alarms
- Custom tables
- Calculated Points and Trends
- Distribution of the energy consumption in relation to the outdoor conditions

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