AREE Datacenter

AREE Datacenter: Gestion de l'énergie dans les salles informatiques

Companies use more and more computing resources to achieve their goals and increase profitability. To fulfill the requirements of availability and security,  Datacenters  constantly develop to ensure ever-increasing IT operations that consume more and more energy. In this context we understand the importance of measuring, analyzing and reducing energy consumption to significantly reduce operating costs.

AREE Datacenter is an Energy Management tool to visualize, follow and analyse the energy consumptions in your datacenter. Its intuitive web interface allows you to view from any Web browser, the consumption data of your site. Thanks to its capacities of calculation, grouping and comparison, you can view and analyse your data, whether real-time ou archived.

AREE Datacenter News

  • 01/01/2013 Innergy becomes AREE (Automatic Reporting for Energy Efficiency)

AREE Building : Buildings

AREE Building : Gestion de l'énergie dans les bâtiments

Energy saving is a must more than ever before. Inneasoft is committed to providing you, solutions to better control your consumptions.

BACNet/IP: Control your network

BacNet: Maitrisez votre réseau BACnet/IP

Our range of BACnet products includes all the tools needed to use and control all the devices of your BACnet/IP network.