Integration – Development

Assistance in implementation

To meet customer needs as fully as possible, Inneasoft team offers to assist you either partially or totally in the implementation of our solutions in our products range.

Because of our wide experience in the field and team of specialized partners at our side, we are able to offer assistance in meeting and implementing your requirements.

Due to the continuous development in technology and large variety of applications, using products that are both efficient and user friendly has become customary.

In order to accompany this evolution, Inneasoft offers training tailored to its products and your projects.

Project engineering

Advice and validation of the solutions

Implementation of adopted solutions

Knowledge transfert and training


Advice for the optimization of installed solutions

Maintenance and evolution of the solutions installed

Specific developments

Inneasoft offers to develop complementary modules for its products in order to meet your needs.

If you are a software retailer or a manufacturer of hardware and interested in our solutions; contact us to study the different possibilities of partnerships and the possibility of integrating our products into your catalog as O.E.M.