Power Distribution Unit – ActiPower3.0

The new concept of PDU

The new line of PDUs Actipower 3.0 offers a comprehensive range of smart power solutions in a fresh coloured design changing depending the features: yellow for the Metered, blue for the Controlled and green for the Full ones.

Our intelligent PDUs measure Energy (kWh), Voltage (V), Current (A), Active Power (kW), Apparent Power (kVA) and Power Factor (PF). They also support automated alerts via SNMP, control via ethernet, MIB-files integration with 3rd party datacenter management software like DCIM or BMS and many other features. The new Actipower 3.0 are exceptionally reliable and user friendly. They are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory and compliant with the most stringent electrical standards such as UL, CE, TÜV, RoHS and IEC60950-1.


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