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Network ports used to explore BACnet devices  

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We are a systems integrator using your BACnet explorer. We've had some changes done to the technical network of one of our clients recently, and can no longer explore or add BACnet devices in the software.

We can however communicate with our SCADA software (thus UDP port 47808 is open in network/firewall).

Are there any other network ports your software use to reach or explore BACnet devices?


Posté : 29/07/2019 5:50
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The explorer uses only the BACnet UDP port (47808 by default). To explore it sends a broadcast on this port (using the ip address mask configured on windows) but when you add manually a device, it doesn't use broadcast.

If the udp port is open and it doesn't work, it can be because of another application on the same computer using the BACnet port. You can use the utility TCPView ( ) to check.

If it is the case, you can either use another network interface (with another ip address) if available on the computer or configure the explorer to use another port (ex: 47809). With another port, you will still be able to communicate with BACnet devices using the standard port if you add them manually. The only problem when you use a non-standard port is when you send an exploration (Broadcasted Who-Is) on the standard port, BACnet device not always reply on the sender port as they should, so perhaps you won't see some devices (ex: Johnson Controls devices replies correctly but not Siemens devices). In this case, you can shut down temporarily the other application that uses the BACnet port, discover all the devices in the explorer and then switch to the non-standard port in the explorer keeping all the devices you have discovered.

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Posté : 29/07/2019 5:53