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[Résolu] SetDeviceInfo method

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If I understand correctly, I can set the information of many devices using this method (BACnetAPI.SetDeviceInfo())?

Currently I am able to set the information of a single device only, any additional devices added have no effect (We don't seem to be sending a who-is to them). I really need to use this instead of explore network. I am using SDK version 1.4.27. Any help would be appreciated.

Début du sujet Posté : 18/10/2019 10:49
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Just to give an example,  attempting this:

Console.WriteLine("Setting device 5100");
BACnetAPI.SetDeviceInfo(5100, "", 47808, -1, null, 0);
Console.WriteLine("Setting device 10030");
BACnetAPI.SetDeviceInfo(10030, "", 47808, -1, null, 0);

Will result in the first device (5100) being found, but we never contact the second device.

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Sebastien Cand
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Hi Danius,

With the demo version, you are limited to one device and to 10 objects per device. We can give you a temporary license to remove these limits, just send us the environment code given by the SDK (see help).

Best regards


Posté : 18/10/2019 6:34